API reference

Point Pattern

PointPattern(points[, window, names, …]) Planar Point Pattern Class 2-D.

Point Processes

PointProcess(window, n, samples[, asPP]) Point Process base class.
PoissonPointProcess(window, n, samples[, …]) Poisson point process including \(N\)-conditioned CSR process and \(\lambda\)-conditioned CSR process.
PoissonClusterPointProcess(window, n, …[, …]) Poisson cluster point process (Neyman Scott).


mbr(points) Find minimum bounding rectangle of a point array.
hull(points) Find convex hull of a point array.
mean_center(points) Find mean center of a point array.
weighted_mean_center(points, weights) Find weighted mean center of a marked point pattern.
manhattan_median(points) Find manhattan median of a point array.
std_distance(points) Calculate standard distance of a point array.
euclidean_median(points) Calculate the Euclidean median for a point pattern.
ellipse(points) Calculate parameters of standard deviational ellipse for a point pattern.
skyum(points[, not_hull]) Implements Skyum (1990)’s algorithm for the minimum bounding circle in R^2.
dtot(coord, points) Sum of Euclidean distances between event points and a selected point.
_circle(p, q, r[, dmetric]) Returns (radius, (center_x, center_y)) of the circumscribed circle by the triangle pqr.

Quadrat Based Statistics

RectangleM(pp[, count_column, count_row, …]) Rectangle grid structure for quadrat-based method.
HexagonM(pp, lh) Hexagon grid structure for quadrat-based method.
QStatistic(pp[, shape, nx, ny, lh, realizations]) Quadrat analysis of point pattern.

Distance Based Statistics

DStatistic(name) Abstract Base Class for distance statistics.
G(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d]) Estimates the nearest neighbor distance distribution function G for a point pattern.
F(pp[, n, intervals, dmin, dmax, d]) Estimates the empty space distribution function for a point pattern: F(d).
J(pp[, n, intervals, dmin, dmax, d]) Estimates the J function for a point pattern [LB96]
K(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d]) Estimates the K function for a point pattern.
L(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d]) Estimates the l function for a point pattern.
Envelopes(*args, **kwargs) Abstract base class for simulation envelopes.
Genv(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d, pct, …]) Simulation envelope for G function.
Fenv(pp[, n, intervals, dmin, dmax, d, pct, …]) Simulation envelope for F function.
Jenv(pp[, n, intervals, dmin, dmax, d, pct, …]) Simulation envelope for J function.
Kenv(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d, pct, …]) Simulation envelope for K function.
Lenv(pp[, intervals, dmin, dmax, d, pct, …]) Simulation envelope for L function.

Window functions

Window(parts[, holes]) Geometric container for point patterns.
as_window(pysal_polygon) Convert a libpysal polygon to a Window.